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At R&D Experts, we blend industry-leading tax expertise with software automation to help you simplify the complex and time-consuming tax credit process. Let our years of tax credit experience maximize and defend your R&D tax credit.

Our team has put over $10 million back in the hands of business owners. With IRS compliance in mind, we partner with Tax and Technical Specialists, Professional Engineers, and Financial Consultants to claim and substantiate available federal and state-level tax incentives.

What Is The R&D Tax Credit?

The R&D Tax Credit is a generous dollar-for-dollar cash savings program designed to help businesses that are working on improving how they do business.

Some activities that qualify include:

  • Developing and designing new products or processes
  • Improving upon existing products or processes
  • Projects where you are asking, “Can we develop this?” or “How do we develop this?”

Read the IRS instructions.

Our 3-Step Process

You’ve got better things to do than deal with the tedious tax credit application process. When you partner with us, you can expect to follow these three steps:


Determine Eligibility

You’ll answer a set of questions about your business activities and expenses.


File with IRS

Once the tax forms are filed with the IRS, we help track your utilization of the R&D tax credit.


Audit Defense

You get audit support for IRS inquiries with confidence, transparency, and audit-ready documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before the PATH Act became law in 2015, many businesses didn’t meet the requirements to receive the R&D tax credit. Today we find that some companies give up because they simply don’t understand how it all works. R&D Experts provide a streamlined service that simplifies and maximizes this valuable tax credit.

No! The U.S. government established the R&D tax credit to reward businesses who innovate and improve their business.

All U.S.-based businesses can be eligible for the R&D tax credit. Your ongoing efforts to develop or improve your products or services may be qualifying R&D activities. We often find many businesses are eligible for the R&D tax credit but don’t realize it. Basically, the R&D tax credit was established to promote innovation and enable businesses to get paid for work that they’re already doing.

You receive money every year you are eligible for the R&D tax credit.

R&D Experts was developed by tax professionals with more than 30 years of R&D experience from the Big 4 accounting firms. Our proprietary software, together with our tax and tech specialists, ensure that all IRS-required documentation is in compliance and easily generated from the software.

In the rare case of an IRS inquiry, we help you expect the best by proactively preparing to substantiate and document your R&D tax credit. Our software is driven by IRS audit guidelines and can automatically produce the reports you need to support your R&D tax credit.

The US Government offers a wide variety of grants and tax incentives that reward business owners! Commercial real estate, energy efficiency, and even multi-state businesses all have lucrative federal and state-based forms of financial assistance. Not sure what credits you qualify for? Get started by filling in the form below to see if your business can qualify for any funding!

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